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CANARA      BANK                                                   Memo No.     9/2005

HR & OD SECTION                                                  Date         : 25.01.2005




        Sub : Extension  of  Holiday  Home  facility  to 

              ex-employees  retired

                 Under  Voluntary  Retirement  Scheme (VRS)/Special Voluntary

                 Retirement Scheme (SVRS) 2000


Hitherto, Holiday Home facility was being extended  to our employees in service and ex-employees retired on superannuation alongwith their dependents, when they accompany the concerned employees/ex-employees.  We are pleased to inform  that the Holiday Home facility has now been extended to our ex-employees retired under VRS/SVRS 2000 and their dependents.  

As this facility is mainly for the benefit of our employees in service, they are given first preference.  Hence,  allotment of Holiday Homes to retired employees will be made only when there is clear vacancy and not at the cost of employees in service.   

The procedural stipulations for ex-employees retired under VRS/SVRS 2000 to avail Holiday Home facility are as under :  


v      As per the existing procedure, employees on LFC can book Holiday Homes 3 months in advance and employees on leave/holiday without LFC and ex-employees retired on superannuation can book the Holiday Homes one month in advance.  

Ex-employees retired under VRS/SVRS 2000 are also permitted now to book the Holiday Homes one month in advance.  However, when other things being equal on the day of receipt of request, employees on LFC/Leave/ Holiday and employees retired on superannuation/under VRS/under SVRS 2000 would get preference, only in that order.


v      Ex-employees have to get their booking confirmation before proceeding to the place and under no circumstances they can visit the Holiday Home without advance booking.  Rent is to be paid by means of Branch Advice as per our procedure.  They also have to invariably carry their identity card or identification letter from the concerned branch.  


v      All other procedural formalities/stipulations like rent and duration of stay are as applicable to our employees/retired employees on superannuation, which are elucidated in our Circular 259/2004 dated 7.10.2004 .  


We hope this facility will benefit VRS/SVRS 2000 employees.